John Turnow was a seriel killer in Washington State from 1911 to 1913 who committed at least six murders and suspected in a disappearence.

First murdersEdit

John Turnow was about 36 years old who despite being certified insane twice was regard as queer but harmless.

  • September 2, 1911 Turnow nephews twins John and William Bauer go bear hunting. Tracking a she bear that was following the sent of slain beef by Turnow, they fired and wounded the bear-and accidently came close to hitting Turnow. Turnow killed both brothers   and dragged their bodies about sixty feet from where they had been killed and then robbed them of their watches. When a posse found the victiums they had been slain about a mile from their own home. Aberdeen Herald September 7, 1911
  • October 1911 John Stevenson a lumber crusier "vanishes" after intendting to go from Chelais to Shelton Washington via the Quinault Reservation. {Aberdeen Herald July 22, 1912}

Lawmen killings:

  • March 9, 1912 Deputy Sherriffs Colin McKenzie and Albert Elmer are killed by Turnow who takes McKenzie's hat and Elmer's rifle. Both Victiums are found buried in the shape of a "T". [1] Note an account from  Febraury 1913 mistakently claims four Deputy Sherriffs missing after trying to track Turnow and that two lumbermen had also been killed by him]
  • November 1912 a farmer named W. Schlutzsky looks for a missing cow and finds that animinal reduced to a skeleaton and the meat used for a food cache for Turnow. The Tacoma Times November 14, 1912

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